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about monterrey iron & metal
harold vexler

Harold Vexler - Chief Historian
The second generation of Vexlers to run the yard, Harold started in working with his father, Abraham, in the early 1920’s. Today he serves as Monterrey Iron historian and can frequently be heard saying things like, “In the times before aluminum…”. Now in his late nineties, Harold still comes in every day and tends to the mail and phone calls. He is probably the last scrap man to use a horse and wagon.

jack vexler

Jack Vexler - Owner and CEO
Jack is the third generation to lead Monterrey Iron and has been at its helm for 55 years. Jack is the lead contact for industrial accounts and chief problem solver – the buck stops with him.

jordan vexler

Jordan Vexler - Ferrous Sales and COO
The “Pink Chimpanzee”, as the family lovingly calls her, started in 2009 and quickly found that scrap ran thick through her veins. Bringing much needed organizational skills as well as intensity and intelligence, Jordan personally designed and oversaw the installation of our shredder and non-ferrous downstream. Today, she handles our ferrous sales as well as being an active member of numerous industry groups. Jordan also heads up the charitable giving and community involvement of Monterrey Iron.

david vexler

David Vexler - Marketing and Outreach
Dave joined Monterrey in 2003 and started as a scalemaster. In 2008, he opened Toucan Recycling, a non-ferrous satellite yard. After his return to the main yard, he began to work on new business, marketing, and inventory control. He is also the official office prankster.

steve goldberg

Steve Goldberg - Non-Ferrous and Accounts Payable
Born and raised in “Big D”, Steve cut his teeth at Okon Iron & Metal in the early seventies. In 1980 Steve moved to San Antonio and joined the Monterrey Iron team. Today, he handles all of our non-ferrous warehouse operations as well as all sports related inquiries.

Richard Bibb

Richard Bibb - Comptroller
Georgia’s native son, Richard, got his accounting degree from Georgia State and moved to Texas in 1976. He joined Monterrey Iron in 1998 and handles all of the accounting and enjoys racing cars and skydiving in his free time. A typical CPA.

Alan Jones

Alan Jones - Scale & Dispatch Manager
Alan has been the scalemaster at Monterrey since 2006 and has a memory that would make an elephant jealous. If you have a question, scrap related or not, Alan can help you out.

Alan Jones

Josh Fosmire - Customer Relations
Josh is in charge of taking care of our customers' needs - we care enough to have a full time person on staff to do onsite visits and make sure we are doing our job right.

Alan Jones

Maryann Rodriguez - Human Relations
Better known by us as M.A., Maryann has been a key player at Monterrey since 2006. She handles safety education as well as human resources. Don’t let her sweet demeanor fool you. You WILL feel the wrath if you are caught without your hard hat on.

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