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Container Service
Industrial scrap accounts can be provided containers for storage and transportation of their metal scrap materials. We have containers of all sizes and functionality to suit your needs, including locking boxes, flatbed trailers, and self-dumping hoppers.

We provide the containers free of charge and can pick up the same day/next day of a service request. Our drivers will work with you to ensure that the containers are placed just where you need them.

Monterrey can provide pick-up and drop-off services for high-speed plant clean-ups as well as monthly container service.

Monterrey Iron and Metal has two truck scales that are certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture, one warehouse scale and one railroad car scale. Our scale weights are guaranteed to be accurate and honest but we are happy to use public scales for industrial accounts as requested.

Certificate of Destruction
If requested, Monterrey Iron and Metal will provide a Certificate of Destruction (COD) or Scrap Warranty. This document verifies that the materials we received from your company have been destroyed, put into the recycling stream and will not otherwise be reused or resold for use in their current form. Asset destruction services are typically provided for damaged products involved in insurance claims, aeronautical equipment, military equipment, and private planes.

Committed to providing an environmentally friendly service, Monterrey Iron, has large and advanced equipment that allows us to process, separate and prepare all the metals we buy for re-use by mills and furnaces around the world.

Approximately 10 tons of CO2 are saved every time we recycle 1 ton of aluminum cans instead of sending them to the landfill.

Bilingual Staff – Se Habla Español
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